Wedding Vows, Speeches, and Toasts

Who doesn't love a good wedding? Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same about writing for their big day.


Finding the right words to express your love can feel overwhelming. With all the emotions that come with weddings, you may find yourself with a bit of writer's block. 


It happens to the best of us!


So why not let me help you create the most intimate, unique vows, speeches, and toasts possible?  

Your wedding is your time to shine. Let your words reflect your thoughts and feelings. Together, we can make this happen. 

Choose from any of the following services:


Custom Wedding Vows

Mother/Father Speeches

Maid of Honor Speeches

Best Man Speeches

...and any other toasts and speeches you may need! 

Contact me today. I'll craft your most cherished memories into vows, speeches, and toasts that you'll remember for years to come. 

Benefits of Professional Wedding Writing:

~Alleviate stress from your already busy wedding-planning schedule

~Have a professional cultivate an intimate, meaningful speech, transforming your innermost thoughts and feelings into words

~One-of-a-kind vows, speeches, and toasts, written especially for you

~Frame a copy of your customized vows or toasts as a special wedding keepsake

~Incorporate stories in a way that will engage your guests

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