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The Joys of Having Kids AND PETS

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

So ever since my son was born, our cat has decided to rip the carpet up.  Everywhere.  No corner is left unturned.  We try and keep him from certain rooms but the rooms he is allowed to go in get torn up. 

I am always hot-gluing carpet down to try and deter him (sorry whoever buys this house) but he runs over and pulls it back. 

If this happens to you, there is something you can do.  Vinegar and water in a spray bottle.  Don’t use any citrus oils- they’re toxic for cats. 

Vinegar smells nasty and odds are your cat won’t want to smell like a sub shop, so they’ll avoid areas that are sprayed.  It’s non-toxic, cheap, humane, and easy.  And if you’re like me and love the smell of sub shops, even better. 

Just remember that fur babies know when something is different and get jealous when there is a new addition to the home.  Give them lots of love and attention and things will work themselves out.  

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