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The Best All Natural Skin Care Products. Trust Me.

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

I was going “green” before I even became pregnant with my son, but it wasn’t until after his arrival that I literally ditched every makeup product in my bag and started over.  And it wasn’t easy. 

I had to research what felt like every single product on the market, starting with the items formerly in my makeup bag (to see why they weren’t so great to use anymore and to avid those certain ingredients moving forward). 

Then I had to research the items claiming to be “all-natural” and “organic.” 

Spoiler alert: all-natural and organic doesn’t mean a thing. 

Read the ingredients. 

Learn what these ingredients are. 

Learn why they’re not the best thing to put on your skin.  And then avoid them at all costs. 

Toxic Ingredients To Avoid in Makeup and Baby Products

Did you know that asbestos is naturally occurring and found in nature?  Yup.  It’s why so many makeup brands won’t use talc anymore. 

Here’s a little information about talc: “Whether a particular talc product contains asbestos has everything to do with its geologic source. If the talc deposit contains asbestos or asbestiform minerals, the products made with that talc are likely contaminated with asbestos.”

I mean, ew.  Who wants that on their face, let alone on their baby (think baby powder)? 

To err on the side of caution, some of the greener makeup companies are steering clear of talc and I refuse to let baby powder enter my house. Maybe there are talc-free brands, but I have the products I like so I haven't done research into other kinds.  

Best Products (in My Opinion)

My personal favorite and go-to for products are 100% Pure.  They don’t use talc, and their makeup is fruit pigmented.  How cool is that? 

I am very particular about my eyebrows.  I over-tweezed growing up (thank you ‘90s, Wigwam socks, and 90210) and now require brow filler so I don’t always have eyebrows that give my face the perpetual element of surprise. 

I was using a certain dip brow pomade that worked well, albeit going on a little heavy, but once I found 100% Pure, I was hooked.  Their makeup is completely natural and worth every penny. 

The consistency of their brow pomade is fantastic and glides on effortlessly.  You are able to build the depth of color, where other brow fillers come on too harsh and heavy. 

Best part?  It’s all-natural!  I can’t stop saying that! 

Now when my son touches my face I can know he’s not touching any toxic makeup ingredients.  All their products are top of the line and completely worth it. 

Buy it.  You won’t be disappointed. 

And if you care about customer service, theirs is top-notch.  They’ll discuss product ingredients with you so you feel confident about your purchase.  

Face Wash for All Your Needs

For actual skincare/facial wash, I use Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash.  I tried other brands that legitimately had only a handful of organic ingredients, but all they did was make my skin worse. 

I have combination skin and for some people (such as myself), age does NOT clear your skin.  I had been using salicylic acid as part of my skincare routine but needed something safe for pregnancy and nursing. 

And let me tell you, I am not switching from Belli, even after I am done nursing.  This stuff is amazing! 

And if you’re food motivated like me (I salivate when at a Yankee Candle store), you’ll love the citrus fresh scent.  After ONE USE, this stuff had my skin ridiculously clear. 

Before finding Belli my acne left me depressed.  I wanted my clear skin back, but I wasn’t going to put anything on my face that wasn’t completely natural. 

And then I found Belli. Best investment, hands down. 

My skin had gotten really dry after my son was born.  So many pictures I look at and see my skin looking nasty and gross because dry skin can make you look wrinkled. 

I made the Crypt Keeper look good.  Natural sunlight and I were not friends.

But after ONE USE with Belli, my skin was no longer dry.  I don’t joke around with acne and skincare.  It can be devastating to suffer from acne. 

If Belli wasn’t legit (just read the reviews on Amazon), I wouldn’t be recommending it. 

This. Stuff. Works.

What do you use?  Please feel free to let me know!

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