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  • Kelly

On Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head and Make You Want To Kick the TV Out the Window

Updated: 3 days ago

Until I first heard the adorable little baby version of The Wheels on the Bus on one of these YouTube channels for infants, I had Night Ranger and a slew of incorrect lyrics (either from poor diction or a weak command of the English language) stuck in my head for what seemed like an eternity.

Seriously. I'd been walking around my house for the longest time just singing, “Motoring” over and over because that's the only word I knew.

Is that even what the guy is singing? I don't know.

But my son really loves his nursery rhymes and even though I try to limit TV, there are times when it's necessary, like when I want to eat a meal without someone screaming in my face or kicking me in my boobs.

The second that YouTube channel comes on my son is instantly enthralled and my postpartum tinnitus is given a little reprieve.

Fast forward several weeks.   I had now heard The Wheels on the Bus 9,783,427 times. All of a sudden that damn song was stuck in my head, day in and day out. I was wishing Night Ranger would pop back into my head, but no dice.

Even as I sit here typing, that miserable excuse for a song is stuck in my head, tormenting me. The little horn going BEEP BEEP BEEP! and the cheerful way the music is purposefully out of key at the end of the refrain is stuck in my head, mocking me.

Global warming won't be our downfall. The Wheels on the Bus will be. The cheerful little bus on its miserable little ride to annoy the hell out of sleep-deprived parents everywhere will be the undoing of us all.