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How to Budget for a Wedding

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

You're getting married. Congratulations! But did you know the average wedding can cost $28,000...AND MORE???

While you may be excited about your nuptials, the thought of a $28,000 bill may give you agida.

So what can you do to prepare for your big day...and impending big bill? Keep reading, and we'll talk all about how to come up with the best wedding budget ever.

Make a List of Wedding Must-Haves

What is it that you absolutely need at your wedding? (Besides clothes!) Make a list of your wedding must-haves, and start pricing them out. Start a spreadsheet and keep a list of every vendor and their prices.

If you have a certain photographer you absolutely want to use, make note of it. If you're undecided on florists, however, meet with several and get a few prices.

Once you have your list of wedding must-haves, you can start your wedding budget.

Create a Budget...and Stick to It!

Now that you have a list of wedding essentials, it's time to create a budget and stick to it. Whether you use Excel or Google Docs, be sure to keep a list of all your expenses and a running total.

Compare what your expenses are vs. what you have set aside. Have you budgeted for a florist? Photographer? Videographer? Hair, nails, and makeup? What about a professional to help you with writing wedding vows? Or someone to help you with your best man speech, maid of honor toast, or parent speech?

If your wedding is a year away, you'll need to save monthly. Decide how much you can save, and every month put it into a separate bank account. Stick to this budget as best as possible. When you pay your monthly bills, be sure to set aside the monthly allotment of wedding budget money.

You may not have enough cash upfront to pay for your wedding in full. You can talk to your bank about a private loan to help with financing your big day. You may be tempted to charge these expenses, but credit card interest rates are often higher than private loans from a bank.

Get Ready to Save

Now that you know how to budget for a wedding, it's time to get saving! If you're struggling to save every month, you can cut back by going out to dinner less and eating at home, or cancelling subscriptions you no longer use. Every penny counts!

And remember, if you need professional wedding vows written, or need help with your best man speech or maid of honor toast, reach out to me today. I specialize in all your wedding writing needs, including parent speeches and more!

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