I'm Kelly!

I'm the owner of Cat Can Write, LLC. And I want to write for you. 

I kicked off my writing career as a blogger, working with some of the top SEO companies in the US and Canada. My work is featured on prominent corporate real estate sites as well as top-tier telecommunications companies. And if you're a Stranger Things fan, then you'll love some of the creative websites I contribute to

While I enjoy assisting large corporations as a freelance writer, I also pride myself on assisting small businesses with growing their online presence. 

I have extensive experience creating content-rich SEO blogs and can assist you with creating a blog from scratch or simply pumping up your existing blog. I also specialize in guest posting, helping you find the most credible websites for backlinking purposes. 

When I'm not helping businesses stand out amongst their competition, I'm working with couples to create stunning wedding vows, speeches, and toasts. 

I also hold various degrees and certifications in education, from Special Education to ELA to Mathematics, and provide assistance with a host of undergrad/grad research papers. I have ample experience as an editor and can assist you with any writing endeavor. 

In short, I do it all! I'm the only freelance writer you need to hire. 

Ready for the best freelance writer around? I'd love to hear from you.