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Kurt cobain: forever in bloom

As a writer and music journalist, I've had the unique pleasure of speaking with an incredible panel of musicians and journalists.  I feel privileged to present readers with a set of brand-new, raw, and candid interviews.

Kurt Cobain: Forever in Bloom showcases the man behind the myth, and focuses on poignant, new artists, along with seminal musicians from the Seattle music scene. It doesn't aim to reinvent the wheel, but instead texturize some of the most paramount shows in music history, shining the spotlight on Kurt Cobain from a reimagined perspective. It remembers Kurt Cobain for his humanitarian efforts and celebrates his life and impact thirty years later. 


Kurt Cobain: Forever in Bloom is slated for release in October 2024, and benefits a myriad of charities. 

These include:

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

  • Ginnie's House

  • Camp Victory

  • Semper Fi & America's Fund

  • Tomorrows Children's Fund

  • Aberdeen Food Pantry

Why is this book supporting such a wide range of organizations? And how do these organizations represent Kurt Cobain?

In 2017, my family sustained a profound loss when we lost one of our own to suicide. He was a Veteran Marine, and he inspired me to write Kurt Cobain: Forever in Bloom and to provide assistance to those in need. My goal is to use this book to support a myriad of worthwhile organizations that provide valuable services to our nation's most vulnerable. 

I believe Kurt Cobain represents altruism. The best way to celebrate him is to champion those in need, the same way he did. 

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